Women’s Retreats

Experience nature, connection, adventure, and transformation at Mountain Air Women’s Retreats.

In the beautiful mountains of southern Idaho, a unique process takes place. Women find themselves, their power, and truth, while creating supportive, lifelong friendships.

Through water energy therapy, firewalks, a Native American sweat lodge, as well as other transformational activities,women have the opportunity to develop empowering skills while shifting and clearing destructive patterns that create pain and struggle.

Marnae co-facilitates these retreats with certified educators and trained coaches of integrative and complementary modalities. Master Fire Walk Instructor, Dr.Trent Burrup of Salt Lake City, Utah is the one who facilitates the Firewalk experience. (www.firewalkutah.com) An amazing drumming ceremony and gentle Native American Sweat Lodge is performed by very experienced and qualified Native American Medicine Men.